• We believe both the school and the parents/guardians are responsible for the children’s education. A close working relationship between the parents and school ensures the best outcome of children’s education and welfare. We, therefore, ask parents not to hesitate to forward any suggestions that you think may improve our teaching standard.
  • We encourage parents/guardians to discuss each student’s progress as and when there is any concern. A face-to-face discussion, or use the School Diary, with the class teacher is always welcome, but if you prefer you can address your concerns to the Head Teacher in writing. We are here to help our youngsters to enjoy and learn.
  • Parents/guardians who are responsible for picking up a child need to be registered with the school. If the registered person cannot pick up the child, please inform the class teacher in advance. Otherwise, the child may not be allowed to leave the school.
  • Any message for a teacher or student may be given to the school office staff, who will be glad to pass it to the person concerned. Only in an emergency, will the teacher or student be called, from the classroom.
  • Parents may not meet the students during school hours. In case the child has to be collected during school hours e.g. for a doctor’s appointment, a leave application must be submitted in advance and prior permission obtained.
  • Please pick up the student on time. If parents/guardians cannot reach the school on time, please telephone the school emergency telephone number 01874-265610,265003 to inform the school.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the students bring their tiffins in the morning. In the interest of security, tiffin/lunch packets & water bottles sent later will not be accepted.
  • Parents/guardians are only allowed to stay on the school premises with the Head Teacher’s permission. Parents/guardians who stay on school premises with permission are responsible for their own health and safety.
  • On very special occasions “Mehndi’ could be applied as a ’Shagun’. However, only a small motif on the palm of the hand is permitted. Elaborate application of ‘Mehndi’ on hands and arms is strongly discouraged.